[Currently Dead]JCrew Unturned Servers!

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[Currently Dead]JCrew Unturned Servers!

Post by BayuD10 on Wed Dec 28, 2016 7:57 pm

   So, we are having our own server right now for Unturned.
Unturned is an indie, free-to-play, zombie-themed survival game designed and published by Nelson Sexton, the owner and founder of Smartly Dressed Games. It became one of the best rated games in the steam store as of December 2016.

   It can be played either Singleplayer(Offline) or Multiplayer(Online).
You can play via LAN, or even Internet.
This game is available on Steam for free.

   Our server is not 24/7 as it is not dedicated server run by server hosting. Either way, it was runned by me. Currently, we are playing in the time we want, so i rarely open our server if there is no one online from our group. 
Also, feel free to ask me to turn on the server.

   But by all other mean, please support this server by donating some bucks to bayu.dwinata@ymail.com, so we can buy a server for ourself and enjoy it 24/7.
(Or you can buy it for us. . . )

How to connect: 
> Open your goddamn Unturned
> Go to play, then choose connect.
> ip should be written jcrew.ddns.net and port should be 27033
> Then, connect your goddamn unturned.
> You should in the server now.

Or faster way, open the banner at the top of the post.
Press the "Connect" button.(Please note i haven't update the banner info)

Mode: PvP
Difficulty: Normal
Map: Overgrown 3+

  • Rocketsplugin

  • Warps function! - Warp to the designated area on the map

  • Kits! - Get all your gear for competing to rule the server right away!

  • Uconomy - We have economy system here 

  • Shop - Use your in-game money to buy things from the shop, FROM ANYWHERE!

  • Ranks - Gain positive to become a soldier with good kit or gain negative points to become a villain with cool and also a good kit!

  • TPA - Teleport right away to your friends, and of course, reject the stranger from coming along.

  • For all fucking shit that happen, seriously, the admin(tl;dr: "me") will be friendly as long you didn't make a commotion.

Don't forget to vote for this server on unturned-servers.net!

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